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Digital vs. Physical Classes
Jan 23, 2016

Digital vs. Physical Classes

As a writer of online GMAT test materials, I am often asked whether or not I honestly believe that a person can fully prepare for the GMAT all on their own without stepping foot in a classroom. This is admittedly a loaded question. Let me start off by saying one thing. Just because you use online materials for GMAT prep does not mean that you are alone. There are forums dedicated to putting testers together that offer a lot of educational and moral support. Additionally at WYZprep you are not alone. Not only do we actively ask for your comments, questions, and input, but we also read and reply as quickly and readily as we can.

All of this said, the real question that you are getting at is if I believe that the materials available outside of paid courses is of good enough quality to substitute for a physical prep course. The answer to this is simple. Yes, I do. In fact, I know it is as I have seen numerous students use these materials and excel on the GMAT. Much of this information is written by very knowledgeable individuals and the strategies are every bit as good as any that you will learn in a class.

Instead of wondering if these materials are good enough, you should be asking yourself an entirely different question. Is learning outside of the classroom a good fit for me? There is no question that learning remotely demands more self-discipline and a willingness to seek out information from a variety of sources. For many, it is effective and practical. For others, it is a detriment that will hold you back. Be honest with yourself when you make this decision. If you are the type of person who learns better in a classroom setting with an instructor immediately available to answer your questions, then enroll. There is no right or wrong answer here.

There is one huge caveat that we have to cover. Your schedule is a major determinant to how you structure your study plan. I know that many of you are very busy and work long or irregular hours. Lots of our readers also are trying to balance work, GMAT, and raising their families. When you enroll in a physical class, you have to make your schedule work around their class times. This simply may not be an option for you.

At the end of it all, as long as you get the score you are after it really does not matter how you got there. Finding out what works for your personal learning style and life situation is a major part of GMAT prep. Fortunately, you have plenty of options and both classrooms and remote learning have proven effective at getting the job done. There is also no reason to choose one or the other. Truthfully, if you have the time to enroll in a class, I almost always recommend supplementing your studies with online materials. This gives you the best of both worlds. Are you planning on enrolling in a class, using online materials, or both? Let us know in the comments section what your plan is and why.

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