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Highest Average GMAT
Nov 15, 2015

Highest Average GMAT

I don’t want to add to your stress level, but did you know that when you take the GMAT your scores are compared against your peers across the world? You read that right, your scores not only reflect upon yourself and your undergraduate Alma Mata, but on your entire country as well. Still, I personally don’t think a little friendly competition ever hurt anyone.

GMAC has released the global results from the 2014 GMAT. If you want to take a look at the official GMAC report, here is a link to download it. I went ahead and crunched the numbers, but before I unveil the winner, can you guess which country had the highest average GMAT score? Let us know your pick in the comments below.

Which Country had the Highest Average GMAT Score?

2014’s winner is New Zealand with an impressive average score of 608! I will be honest, New Zealand was not my first pick, but I have to give the Kiwis credit where credit is due. Other than New Zealand, the only countries that can boast an average score above the 600 mark are Australia which received an average score of 605 and Singapore with an average score of 603.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lowest average GMAT scores belong to Sierra Leone with 317, the Republic of Congo with 314, and Saudi Arabia with 307.

Personally, Germany was my pick to come out on top. While I was wrong with my pick, Germany put forth a respectable showing with an average score of 574. Across the Atlantic, the United States received an average score of 537, coming out behind their neighbors to the north, Canada, with an average score of 564.

What Do These Statistics Mean?

If you have never been to New Zealand, I highly recommend taking a vacation there sometime, but while New Zealand is a spectacularly beautiful place to visit if you are planning on traveling there just to study, you are taking these numbers far too seriously. There are a truly massive number of variables which contribute to a country’s overall performance on the GMAT. For instance, factors such as the number of test takers effect the variability of averages. Additionally, we could have endless debates regarding cultural views on education. What you need to know is that very high scores were achieved by individuals all across the world. Your country is not holding you back! For example, although the United States and Europe did not earn top honors in 2014, many of the most respected business schools call their boarders home. In the end, it is your intelligence and study ethic that will determine how well you will score on the GMAT, not the colors on your flag.

Still, if the roughly 3,000 year success of the Olympic Games teaches us anything it is that a little global competition can be fun. This year, your scores will be used to determine which country can claim the title of “country with the highest average GMAT score” for 2015. So, study hard and do your country proud!

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