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Why are some undergraduate schools better for GMAT prep
Jun 27, 2015

Why are some undergraduate schools better for GMAT prep

In the GMAT prep world, all of the attention goes to master’s programs. I guess this is fair, you are not taking the GMAT for fun. The goal is to use a high score to make you competitive among other candidates at your dream school. Still, your undergraduate performance plays a major role in your ability to succeed and it is time to give credit where credit is due and discuss some of the top programs.

One thing that we know for certain is that some undergraduate programs prepare their students better than others to take the GMAT. Why is this? For starters it is no great mystery that many of the best undergrad business programs have extremely talented faculty, a proven educational model, and accept students who are already ahead of the pack. Still, there is more going on here and I think it is time to shed light on a seldom discussed topic. High quality undergraduate business programs work closely with GMAT prep companies, like WYZprep, to help their students succeed. That is right, top colleges rely on prep companies for regular support.

I’ve never truly understood why this is not talked about more. There really is nothing shady or nefarious going on here. Colleges seek out relationships with GMAT prep companies because they want their students to succeed. WYZprep and other GMAT prep companies have a constant finger on the GMAT’s pulse and we are hypersensitive to any changing trends, rules, or strategies. Our entire companies rely on accessing and providing the most up to date information on the GMAT. The information and tactics that we provide are invaluable to colleges. Quality experienced professors go a long way to helping you learn the business industry and many of them are also quite knowledgeable about the graduate admissions process. However, most of them have not taken the GMAT in at least 20 years. This is not inherently a bad thing. Your professors’ jobs are to teach you about the industry, not the test. Colleges know this and look to companies like us for guidance on how to prepare students to take the GMAT.

In all honesty, this partnership is more beneficial to you than it is to anyone else as you can reap the rewards of access to high quality professors and cutting edge prep strategies and methods. Use all of these resources to your advantage and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. The reason why prep companies and colleges work so well together is that we both share a common goal. You. We want to see you go off, ace the GMAT, and do great things with your education and training. Neither teaching nor writing test prep materials are fields that people get into for the money (trust me). What makes people like me happy is seeing our hard work help you.

Does your school partner with a specific prep company? If so, have you seen any benefits by having access to these materials? Let us know in the comments section!

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